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The Hope Of Orphans is a project (HOO) based at Mikisa village, Bigasa sub-county in Bukomansimbi district and Buyanja Village, Buwunga sub-county, Masaka district.

This project was formed to give hope to the increasing number of helpless orphans in those two areas. In most cases, these orphans are left at the merciful hands of very old grandmothers, or helpless widowed mothers.

The founders of HOO organization could not ignore the suffering due to hunger, disease and lack of education scholastic materials of these poor orphans.

We are a community based organization formed to help these children access education, basic needs, medication, school requirements and food.

We also help these children learn the value of self-reliance by giving them self-reliance skills and also educate them about the value of environment protection, by teaching them to plant trees.

We have a nursery bed at Mikisa, where we get seedlings that we plant at people’s homes at free. This helps the children appreciate the value of giving and caring.

With help of our volunteering social workers, we give these orphans guidance and counselling, encouraging stories, and parent figures. We look forward to having you as our donor and to contribute to the future of these kids in the form of books, stationery, foodstuffs, clothes and money to uplift their standards. Any form of contribution towards us will be highly appreciated. We also invite sponsors, volunteers, churches and private companies to donate to the work of these children. You can also sponsor us by buying a craft piece like mat or basket from us, paying for planting of trees in the community, or funding the construction of energy saving local stoves to helpless widows. Thank you for your generous consideration. Let’s join hands for the sake of these children, God bless You and the work of your hands and brain.



We collect funds from well-wishers and pay for;

  1. School fees

  2. Basic needs like food, medication and clothing.

  3. School scholastic materials and some other needs as we can afford.


We also train these children on sustainability and environment conservation. we teach them to plant trees, which we get from our own nursery beds, we also sell some of those trees seedlings for a fee that we use to buy requirements.

We do weaving and neating, our children are trained by Gabiti, an eldery lady of about sixty years from Mikisa village. We help the old by fetching for them water, constructing temporally bathing shelters and energy saving local stoves.



Johnmary with some of the Children at Buyanja Village. They were very hapy to see him.